Flight Safety Australia Spring 2019

In the Spring 2019 issue of Flight Safety Australia Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall has an unexpected message from a flier of his world-class talent: skill is not enough. You also need planning, discipline, fitness and situational awareness in your flight bag. Contributor Kresiha Ballantyne looks at what VFR pilots can learn from the professional and measured world of IFR operations. Commercial pilot Nick Stobie analyses aircraft overloading and its role in broader organisational drift away from safety. Adrian Park tells the horrifying story of a freighter crew faced with a bizarre and unprecedented failure. We examine what could have been the worst disaster in the history of aviation and re-inspect a story from the first Aviation Safety Digest of 1953, with the help of a surviving de Havilland Comet pilot. Finally, this edition introduces the crash comic, bringing the ever-popular close calls to life in a new way.

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