Flight Safety Australia Winter 2021


What must the pilot of a single-engine aeroplane do if the prop shudders to a complete stop? To be ready for that scenario, the lead feature in the Winter edition, The emergency mindset, discusses the training, habits and skills that pilots need to save themselves – and their passengers – if a forced landing far away from an aerodrome is inevitable.

If you’re thinking of buying a drone, be sure to read Kreisha Ballantyne’s article, What Donny taught me about drones. Meeting a drone pilot on a dating app led her to realise how transferable her fixed-wing flying skills were in understanding and learning another form of flight.

In our Industry Q&A feature, All wingspans, great and small, we interview Matt Bouttell about his new role leading RAAus and his ambition to change the conversation from ‘us and them’ to a more engaging model and a productive mood.

The historical article in this edition, The lost boys, analyses the 1993 crash in wilderness, less than 90 kilometres from Bankstown Airport, that resulted in the deaths of a low-hours pilot and his passenger. Senior writer Robert Wilson analyses the tragedy from a modern safety perspective.

This 64-page edition features another ‘crash comic’, tests readers’ knowledge with quizzes and has great safety reading and information valuable to everyone in aviation.

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