Flight Safety Australia Spring 2023

Flight Safety Australia Spring 2023

In the spring 2023 edition of Flight Safety Australia, Shelley Ross put out the call and received quite a few first-hand accounts of close calls caused by weather weather, revealing pilots' reflections on lessons learned and improvements made.

Kreisha Ballantyne delves into the impact of habits on pilots, distinguishing between the positives and the negatives. Instructor Thomas P Turner analyses a Queensland incident, emphasising the importance of understanding your aircraft's performance limits. Adrian Park reflects on the impact of simulator training on real-world flying skills.

Robert Wilson reexamines the 1943 Bakers Creek disaster, illustrating timeless lessons from the past. This 64-page edition offers quizzes, crash comics, and valuable safety information, providing engaging content for aviation enthusiasts. Subscribe annually for continuous insights into pilot safety and expertise.


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