Flight Safety Australia Autumn 2023

Flight Safety Australia Autumn 2023

The autumn edition of Flight Safety Australia is a must-read for private pilots wanting to learn more about flight planning and operating in controlled airspace. These two features are about topics that are being featured in the final stage of CASA’s national safety education campaign which is backed by major aviation groups. 

Kreisha Ballantyne tackles the procedures and radio calls you need to know when you’re approaching a controlled aerodrome. The controllers are there to help you and keep everyone safe but they are busy people who need to understand your call. 

Shelley Ross draws upon her extensive experience as an instructor and leader of air safaris to deliver a master class on flight planning. ‘If you give it the time it deserves, thorough flight planning delivers a far more relaxed, safe and legal flight than if you just whack your track on an EFB and follow the magenta line,’ she says. 

Contributor Angela Stevenson jumped in – literally – to the world of parachuting. She took the plunge over Moruya so she could tell pilots what to do – and not to do – in the vicinity of a drop zone. 

Senior Writer Robert Wilson continues his fascinating historical series, this time analysing why an Irish Coast Guard helicopter flew into a hill on an island at night in 2017. The investigation was told the island was not in the EGPWS database. 

One of the close calls, ‘Stuck on top’, immerses you into the mind of a very worried pilot who was temporarily trapped above a solid cloud bank, with fuel running low. And this underlined just how good ATC are and why pilots in trouble should not delay too long before making contact. 

This 64-page edition features another ‘crash comic’, tests readers’ knowledge with quizzes and has great safety reading and information valuable to everyone in aviation.

Flight Safety Australia is also available for annual subscription.



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