Flight Safety Australia Autumn 2021

Flight Safety Australia Autumn 2021

The lead feature of the Autumn edition of Flight Safety Australia looks at commercial space flight. With tourist launches likely to start in 2021, what’s not widely known is these operate to a different safety standard from the rest of the space industry. We speak to the International Association for Space Safety about this gap and explore the concept of system safety, which is the basis for military/government space flight.

After the crash in 2014 of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two VSS Enterprise – which killed the co-pilot and severely injured the pilot – an inquiry found prescriptive standards used in aviation were insufficient for new space systems. Hence the need for a more thorough approach: system safety.

If you’re a sports or GA pilot, you know the value of regularly practising go-arounds to avoid being caught off guard if an approach suddenly becomes unstable or ATC cancels your approach. An experienced flying instructor goes back to basics on this vital procedure, taking us through the steps to make the decision and carry out the procedure safely.

Another story discusses ADS-B and the new standards for portable devices. The uAvionix SkyEcho2, the first device to be accepted in Australia by CASA as satisfying the standards.

This 64-page edition features another ‘crash comic’, tests readers’ knowledge with quizzes and has great safety reading and information valuable to everyone in aviation.

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