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Look out! Situational awareness video

  An informative video on situational awareness and why it's vital to flying safely. View the YouTube version of Look out! Situational awareness

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Out-n-Back 2 pack

Following on from the popular Out-n-Back series I, this kit includes a 96-page book and a ten-part video series on two DVDs that follows a Cessna 172 and GA8 Airvan...

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Oxygen first DVD

This DVD explores the symptoms of hypoxia and the effects it can have on the body and looks at what you can do to minimise the risks.

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Remote aerodromes

Remote aerodromes are the lifelines to Australia's isolated communities. This video looks at what it is like to fly in remote Australia. It also covers demanding operational problems faced by pilots...

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Safety on the ground - DVD

Before you get airborne, as a pilot you first need to look at safety on the ground. This DVD looks at four different aspects of pre-flight safety. These include: pre-flight...

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Weather to fly DVD

Keep your head out of the clouds! This video highlights the dangers of flying in cloudy weather and how to avoid VFR into IMC. By watching this video, you’ll be ready...

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