Flight planning

Find maps, tools and educational material for flight planning.

Flight planning notepad

The perfect organisational tool does exist! This flight planning notepad is perfect for recreational, private, and some commercial pilots to plan their flights and manage in-flight progression. The design and...

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Human factors for engineers PEAR notepad

Useful notepad highlighting the four main human factors areas.

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Personal minimums checklist card

This reusable checklist outlines pre-flight and standing personal minimums. The card is ideal for recreational, private, and commercial pilots. Carry the checklist in your flight kit and use it when...

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Pre-flight checklist card

Recreational, private and commercial pilots will love this handy pre-flight checklist card. Use this checklist pre-flight for effective, compliant, and safe operations. The card addresses critical personal, airworthiness, and operational...

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Time in your tanks card

Pilots can use this reusable card to help calculate the amount of fuel left in your tanks. This will help with fuel load planning and to help balance the amount...

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