Annual subscription - Flight Safety Australia magazine

Annual subscription - Flight Safety Australia magazine

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Flight Safety Australia magazine makes it easy to stay connected to your peers and on top of all the latest safety news.

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Here’s how current readers described it in our latest feedback survey:

  • 94% say they have learnt useful information on aviation safety
  • 90% say they would recommend it to others in the industry 
  • 85% say it influenced them to become safer in their role.

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Each issue is 64 pages packed with feature articles and news, historical crash analysis, accident reports, close calls, and a high-impact ‘Crash Comic’.

Test your knowledge with quizzes, including flying ops, IFR, maintenance, drones and cabins safety. Enjoy great safety reading and information valuable to everyone in aviation!

 Edition Orders close Delivery to mailboxes
Summer 2021 10 November 2021 First week in December
Autumn 2022 10 February 2022 First week in March
Winter 2022 10 May 2022 First week in June
Spring 2022 10 August 2022 First week in September


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