Flight Safety Australia Winter 2023

Flight Safety Australia Winter 2023

Flight Safety Australia's Winter 2023 edition brings highlights from Monica Kade on the perks of flying in crisp winter air, while also addressing the challenges of increased icing encounters. Adrian Park, after years of desk flying, explores the role of desktop devices in preserving pilot skills.

Robert Wilson explores how virtual and mixed reality technologies are revolutionising aviation maintenance. Graham Murphy reflects on his 60-year aviation career, from wood and canvas biplane to behind the glass displays of intercontinental business jets.

Angela Stevenson shares insights from glider research on safely navigating aerodromes with gliders. Margo Marchbank delves into the human factors and safety implications of uncrewed drone operations. In a gripping close call story, a reader recounts a near-disaster during their first solo flight. This 64-page edition includes crash comics, quizzes, and valuable safety insights, making it a must-read for aviation enthusiasts. Subscribe annually for continuous access to expert knowledge on flight safety.

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