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$ 39.92 - for 4 issues per year

Flight Safety Australia, CASA's flagship aviation safety magazine is available as a quarterly magazine printed and delivered to your door.

An annual subscription fee of $39.92 applies (includes GST, postage and handling within Australia). That equates to less than $10.00 per issue – or under $0.80 per week. Your subscription will start with the next available issue.

Each issue is 64 pages packed with feature articles and news, historical crash analysis, accident reports, close calls, quizzes and a new, ‘Crash Comic’.

Upcoming issue: Summer 2019 (delivery in December 2019)

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In this packed edition, we go behind the scenes in the world of aerial mustering and dig into the latest trends to keep pilots safe and cattle calm. And come with us as we go on the road with CASA’s dedicated team of Aviation Safety Advisors. In the last 12 months, the team of nine advisors presented more than 220 seminars to all sectors of industry and stood before about 8500 people in seminars and on-site visits.

We think all pilots will be keen to read the feature by Kreisha Ballantyne, ‘The cloud spotters’ guide to safety’, which delves into the various families of clouds, the detailed naming scheme and, most importantly, which ones to avoid during your flight.

America-based contributor Thomas P. Turner poses a key question for aviators: We’re taught we should use checklists, but do we know why and how to use them?

Nick Stobie busts the biggest myth in GA—the maintenance release with nothing written on it. You can also read about improving ramp safety and applying modern day crash investigation analysis to an older accident.

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