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  • CNS-ATM kit

This Resource guide, Workbook and DVD have been developed by CASA as a guide to operating in Australian airspace, with particular emphasis on satellite-based navigation and surveillance. They are part of a kit designed for both self- and class-based instruction, providing a foundation level of knowledge for the aviation community. Topics covered include an overview of CNS/ATM, communication, global navigation satellite systems, surveillance and ADSB, aircraft equipment, performance-based navigation, flight planning, human factors, IFR operations and VFR operations.

Who should use this resource kit?

This kit is designed for: 
  • flying training organisations
  • all pilots—civilian and military
  • remotely piloted aircraft (drone) operators
  • air traffic controllers
  • licensed aviation maintenance engineers
  • avionics engineers
  • aviation management
  • human factors specialists.
    • How to use this resource guide

      This guide is part of a resource kit that also includes:
    • a practical workbook
    • a DVD featuring aviation safety videos on a range of CNS/ATM topics
    • electronic copies of this guide, workbook and videos are available from
    • We encourage members of the aviation community to use the kit as part of their individual professional development. Organisations are encouraged to use it to develop training packages or self-contained sessions.

      Limit of one per customer.