This resource guide, workbook and DVD have been developed by CASA as a guide to operating in Australian airspace, with particular emphasis on satellite-based navigation and surveillance. The kit is designed for self-based and class-based instruction, providing a foundation level of knowledge for the aviation community.

Use the kit as part of your individual professional development. Organisations are encouraged to use it to develop training packages or self-contained sessions. 

Topics covered are: 

  • an overview of CNS/ATM, communication
  • global navigation satellite systems
  • surveillance and ADS-B
  • aircraft equipment
  • performance-based navigation
  • flight planning, human factors
  • IFR operations
  • VFR operations. 

Features and specs 

  • Two B5 full colour booklets with DVD.
  • 128-page resource guide with 56-page workbook.
  • Items come packed in a plastic satchel.
  • Download a copy for free.
  • Limit of one per customer.

The CASA online store operates on a cost-recovery basis. Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $15 per order to cover production and dispatch costs only. 


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