Flight planning

Find maps, tools and educational material for flight planning.

Australian airspace structure poster

The perfect poster for any pilot, flying school or aero club. The poster shows the classes of airspace and what you need to enter and operate in that airspace. This...

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Non-controlled aerodrome circuit procedures poster

Looking for an easy understanding of correct circuit procedures at non-controlled aerodromes? This poster is the perfect addition to any office, aero club or flying school to help guide your...

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On the right frequency? poster

An A3 sized poster which is a useful reminder for pilots and student pilots alike about being on the right frequency.

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Radio procedures in non-controlled airspace booklet

This handy booklet provides information on radio usage in non-controlled Class G airspace. Understanding radio frequencies, phraseology, and when to broadcast is vital information to be heard, be seen, and...

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Remote aerodromes

Remote aerodromes are the lifelines to Australia's isolated communities. This video looks at what it is like to fly in remote Australia. It also covers demanding operational problems faced by pilots...

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